Eibar Lambrettas 1954-1989 (ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

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We are proud to offer you the most comprehensive work up to date about Eibar made Lambrettas. This is a 368 page book, written in British English language, filled with colour pictures, tables, graphics, specifications about Spanish Lambrettas.  The book is beautifully designed, with exlusive artwork, and it is printed in quality 130 gram paper, making this an essential tool for every Lambretta owner.

Starting on 26/05/2022, every book ordered will get a free poster. These are printed in high quality, 125gr glossy A4 paper couche. Only 250 posters made, so the offer is up until they last.

Weight 1950 g

2 reviews for Eibar Lambrettas 1954-1989 (ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

  1. David Nightingale (verified owner)

    A fantastic book. Purchased as a present for Father’s day, for my dad who had a Lambretta in the 1970’s and recently purchased an 1967 Eibar Li150. The Current scooter has some unusual parts on it, and this book helped clear up some things that no amount of googling could answer.

    This book in a one stop place for all Spanish built Lambrettas. Outstanding piece of work.

    • Jaime

      Dear David,

      Thank you so much for your kind words about our work! I am very pleased that your father has enjoyed the book and that he found everything he needs to rebuilt his dream machine. It is messages like these that make it worth the effort.

      Kind regards,

      Jaime ‘Supereibar’

  2. James R

    Brilliant book – really well researched and presented and a great reference. If you like Spanish lambrettas then definitely buy it!

    • Jaime

      Dear James,

      Thank you very much for your kind words! I am very pleased it reached your expectations! All the best, Jaime ‘Supereibar’

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