Diagonal ’85 DVD & A2 Poster



*** Support my work by purchasing this DVD and A2 size limited edition poster in quality recycled paper (for that vintage yellow look that this paper will get with time).***

Synopsis: In 1985, Motovespa and Lambretta S.A.L. raced one last time for Spanish market domination, before the Japanese giants took the lead.

‘Diagonal 85’ is a documentary film describing the last battle between the two rival brands. It concentrates on the events which took place during the “24 Horas Internacionales Scooter” urban endurance race held on the 27th and 28th April, 1985 in the city of Barcelona.

Nearly 40 years after this race took place, the documentary shows its incredible impact in society and how it remains the biggest and most transcendental classic scooter event ever to take place in Spain. To achieve this, the film includes valuable testimony from several veteran riders as well as pictures and video footage from the event.


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