PREORDER / Fibreglass Lambrettas 1980-1989 (JUST THE BOOK)



Pre order for a copy of this book to be posted to you on 30th June. This is a limited edition 168 page book, written in British English language, filled with colour pictures, tables, graphics, specifications about the Fibreglass family or the Eibar Lambrettas with fibreglass or plastic components. It includes: the story of how were their specific parts conceived, who created them, the differences between the five types of frames used and the correct production figures. It has original factory plans, correct colour codes and the proper colour schemes. Loads of data at the reach of your fingertips, with precise specifications for the decals and each specific component guide with a ‘The one minute guide’. The guide will allow you to quickly identify a Fibreglass familiy machine within one minute or less. I have also spent months building actual diagrams to make things clearer for everyone, once and for all…   The book is beautifully designed, with exlusive artwork, and it is printed in quality 130 gram paper. It is numbered and signed by the author. Only 350 copies will be made, making this not only an essential tool for every Lambretta owner but also a highly collectible item.

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