Eibar Lambrettas’ 1973-1989 floor kit


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When I started restoring Lambrettas, I struggled to find the correct floor hardware for the rubber mat 1973-1989 Eibar Lambretta machines. Years have passed and the situation hasn’t changed much. More so, the Stainless Steel craze has arrived and it becomes impossible to find regular kits, and here at Supereibar Performances we avoid Stainless Steel like a biblical plague, so I have decided to make our own set. We have come up with something that is almost exactly what your Lambretta came with out of the production line: The oval washers are nickel plated brass, just like the original. The bolts are regular nickel plated soft steel dome headed, or cheese headed. We have also included an extra set of wide steel washers in case your floor is a bit worn out and need a bit more fixture surface (yes, we love Ratbrettas!). The rubber components are all hand made locally (I make the square parts myself with the help of my machinist). like everything we put together for you, it is a product of love, to complete your pride and joy without any worries.


Weight 150 g


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